Past and upcoming events

Past and upcoming events

Topps events

International trading card day: A yearly event through Topps, where we have giveaway packs, food, New Concept grab bags for kids, and in store prizes.

Topps RIP/Trade night: A new event through Topps that offers excusive RIP night packs, discount wax, giveaways, New Concept grab bags for kids, food, pack wars and a case break!! Next event is February 24th 2024!!

New Concept events

Saturday night break: One Saturday per month, we have an in-store break party. We break a case of the hottest baseball and football products to hit the market at a great price. We also have pizza from Tigas, beer, soft beverages, and deserts included in the price. Come out for a fun night full of hits, good company, and great food!!!

Plenty of future events are for sure to come!! Stay up to date by signing up for our mailing list!!

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